How Sports Stadiums Use a Commercial Cell Phone Charging Station to Improve the Guest Experience

People live on their mobile devices. In fact, multiple surveys reveal that the fear of having a cell phone run dead is a main reason that keeps them at home on the sofa watching the game with an outlet and charging cable for their phone nearby, as opposed to sitting in a stadium with no way to keep their lifeline to work and family fully charged.

If you are a GM, owners, or customer service supervisor for a sports stadium, this article is for you and will strive to show how working with a cell phone charging station manufacturer can enhance the customer experience, add to more sold seats, and keep fans coming back.

Cell Phone Charging Stations Keep Fans Engaged

When fans are kept engaged, they are more emotionally invested into the games, and when sports fans are at their emotional high, their likeness of returning for many more games throughout the season increases. Having cell phone charging stations with multiple charging ports  located in the mezzanine, by the restaurants, gift shops and main concourses will allow fans to keep their phones charged so they can check player stats in the middle of a play, plug their headphones into their phones and listen to the announcers call the game while they watch the live action (if you ever went to a Dodgers game from 1958 to 2016, most of the fans at the game were either listening to portable radios or, when cell phones with Internet access came out, had their headphones plugged into their phones, listening to the legendary Vin Scully). The fact of the matter is a fully charged phone keeps fans dialed into the game, and this leads to an increase in sales.

Stadiums with Cell Phone Charging Stations Get More Concert Contracts

Properly equipped sports stadiums must also provide a great user experience to guests who might use their facilities for other purposes than seeing sports games. Take Dodger Stadium for example; everyone from Elton John to U2, and from Depeche Mode to Madonna have performed there, and without multiple cell phone charging stations located all over the stadium, there is a good chance the bid could have gone to another venue with amenities that matter to fans (like cell phone charging stations). After all, at concerts people love recording their favorite songs being performed live, switching on the flashlight feature of their phones along with the thousands of other fans, and text live shots to their envious friends while posting all over social media. Cell phone charging stations not only keep attendees happy, they help stadiums make additional revenue on the side by presenting guest-friendly spaces ideal for concerts and festivals.