How Rigid Boxes and Custom Printing Help Brands Increase Sales

Today’s brands known for offering high-quality, luxury items are scrambling in their competitive market to find a way to dominate their niche, industry, and increase sales. When it comes to moving product off the retail shelf, being able to turn the heads of shoppers and create a memorable unboxing experience is crucial to your growth. This is why partnering with a rigid boxes company with custom printing is crucial, as a smart design can be the catalyst to your growth explosion.

This article is intended to help members of the C-suite understand how rigid boxes and their custom printing possibilities can increase sales in a hyper competitive retail setting.

Rigid Boxes Project an Enhanced Perception of Luxury

One reason why brands seek rigid boxes as a way to improve sales is that the packaging style promotes a feeling of luxury. Multiple studies show that consumers make up their minds within 3 seconds of viewing a retail product whether or not they will pick it up and give it attention. And this is important because 90 percent of all retail items picked from the shelf for further examination wind up becoming a sale. This is where the rigid box truly shines. With a wide variety of textured, functions, lid styles and custom printing options, the rigid box is the true hallmark of eye-catching luxury.

Rigid Boxes Convey Solid Product Construction

One of the main selling points to products is the quality of the item and its construction. This is especially true when it comes to botique electronics. When retailers partner with packaging printing companies that can make custom rigid boxes they have the opportunity to create a lasting impression, but more importantly enhance their product’s appeal by showcasing the high-quality product construction through a custom rigid box.

When brands have products that are known for being well-made, having a sturdy, quality rigid box to compliment the build will convey luxury and the highest standards. Whether you get a hinged rigid box or a sliding rigid box, when buyers pick up your item and note the premium quality in the rigid boxes for retail items, your product’s value will be amplified.

Rigid Boxes can Be Customized for Lifestyles

If your retail products revolve around creating or enhancing a lifestyle, rigid boxes can help amplify that lifestyle. The custom printing for boxes capabilities can incorporate branded messaging to a rigid box design. In addition, your company’s logo or a lifestyle image highlighting product use can be printed directly onto the rigid box through a wide variety of methods, techniques and using a variety of textures and surfaces. From an embossed surface that feels good to the touch, or a shiny metalic fisnishing that represents sleakness and stealth, the opportunities for enhancing consumer lifestyles is endless.