How does Case Construction Equipment Compare to Other Heavy Machinery Brands?

Just ask any fleet manager or contractor to name some brands that manufacture heavy machinery, and Case construction equipment will be one such name, along with a few other internationally known names. Clearly the big brand heavy construction dealers are “big names” for many reasons. But what makes Case construction equipment the clear winner? Why do more fleet managers and contractors invest in Case than any other brand? This article will shed some light on this very question. 

Case Construction Equipment Touches on Innovation Unlike Any Other Brand

Making the best backhoe loader is one thing, but when a brand can say they designed and built the world’s first backhoe, the bar has just been raised well out of reach. And Case construction equipment did just that. In the 40s a water utility in Massachusetts requested a machine, with precise specifications, that could perform the tasks of three other construction machines. Case responded and designed the world’s first backhoe loader. Soon after, most other brands added their own version of this machine to their fleets, but backhoe is an offsprice of Case. Fleet managers and contractors respect brands that lead the industry in creativity, innovation, and solution-based actions, and since Case construction equipment is a pioneering force, the brand is often considered the best of the best. 

Case Construction Equipment is Conveniently Located

Any fleet manager and contractor knows that having a heavy machinery dealership near company headquarters and major worksites is critical for business growth. And because Case construction equipment dealers have a solid reputation for being easy to reach, they are a leading favorite. For example, Sonsray Machinery has the largest number of Case construction dealerships selling new and used machines on the entire West Coast; they have locations all over Southern and Northern California, Nevada, Arizona, Washington and Oregon. This means quick repairs, fast access to parts, and convenient maintenance scheduling will keep all machines on the road, running in top order while protecting the lifetime value. 

Case Construction Equipment has the Best Service Department in the Industry

Service is everything; if your machines are not expertly maintained, the lifetime value can plummet and your company can be impacted by severe losses. While most other heavy equipment brands hire random mechanics from tech schools or they poach them from other companies, Case construction machinery recruits their own technicians and trains them to solely work on Case construction equipment and no other brand. In fact, every mechanic that touches a Case machine is a certified Master Technician–a title one earns only after passing a comprehensive hands-on test and written test that covered every machine in the fleet, in fine detail, and that tests technical competency along with logic-based problem-solving skills. This means fleet managers and contractors who invest in Case have the best team of techs in the industry, and machines that will continue to perform like new for years to come.