How Certified Translation Services Improve Business Growth

Today’s business landscape has seen a rapid increase in offshore business. Whether your organization has customer service centers in India or China, warehousing locations in Mexico, or executive teams in Tel Aviv, mid-size and large corporations are involved in international business now more than ever. Now consider how communications play into ensuring your steady growth, and creating a favorable bottom lien report. If your desktop publishing, training manuals, sales scripts and other materials have glaring gaps in language translation, you could potentially set your company up to see a catastrophe whipped up from an error that could have easily been avoided.

This article is intended to help members of the C-suite see the value in partnering with a certified translation services provider capable of performing growth-driven projects while respecting deadline and budget.  Business growth relies on internal communications, and if you have foreign teams, flawless certified translation services are crucial for your success.

What to Expect from Certified Translation Services in Terms of Capabilities

When investing in certified translation services, you clearly want experienced, veteran linguists who master everything from dictations, business and medical meetings, transcriptions, press briefings, conference calls, videos and DVDS, lecturers, training manuals, technical guides, and much more. Look for certified translation services that offer project work for any audio format with multilingual transcripts that can be translated in more than 100 languages. This may seem like an overkill, but given the scope and your growth goals, it really isn’t. Find a multilingual translation agency that can cover these bases, and you know you are partnering with the best in the industry.

Simplifying the Communication Process

Time is money, and if you have cut back on the time your internal team spends in working with the certified translation services provider, and even slash a few team members from the project, you can expect to see improved growth. Here’s why: when your certified translation services provider is timely, accurate, and is a flawless communicator, you will see room open up to move internal team members from one project to another where the investment makes more sense for your budget and overall growth.

In addition, perfect communication is a time-saver. So make sure your certified translation services provider has a team lead well-versed in your industry, target language, and can be reached 24/7, 365 days a year for any modifications or task requests. The best multilingual translation companies can simplify operations by offering perfect communication, so be sure to ask how each company you research plans to play a role in this context.

Sales Derive from Delighted Audiences

If you are seeking certified translation services to help increase sales, look for an agency that has teams of translation experts who also have a background in marketing. Clearly, you have your own marketing teams, or a digital marketing agency, and you may have a CMO overseeing all arms of your marketing. But if you are trying to hit high-revenue targets in foreign markets, working with certified translation services providers who have experience in translating copy in a way that not only offers a flawless translation but also copy that inspires and excites target buyers, you will see a significant gain in growth as opposed to a cold translator.